Erin Brown is an author of horror, fabulist, and fantasy short fiction. She has been published in numerous online and print short fiction and poetry publications. Erin is a Pushcart Prize nominee, made the shortlist for Brave New Weird 2022, and is the recipient of the Truman Capote Literary Trust Scholarship in Creative Writing for Spring 2022. 

You can find links to her work here, and visit her speculative fiction prompt writing interactive tavern website, House WitchWalker, (COMING SOON)

Speculative Fiction Author

Title: Pay

A woman alone in the dark takes shelter in a filthy phone booth. But then she offends the booth by taking out her cellphone… and the booth gets its revenge

Murder Park After Dark: Volume 1 by Karter Mycroft (

Title: The Protection

A woman engages unwillingly in a strange ritual when she is surrounded by people who have never seen a black woman before. What will her magic bring to the world? What will it cost her?

midnight & indigo: Nineteen Speculative Stories by Black Women Writers by Ianna A. Small (

Title: Dog

A bad man on the run from his past meets his future, in the form of a sweet, scared, beautiful glowing white pup. Has he found his way back to humanity, or something entirely new and far more dangerous than he has ever been?

3Elements Review – Fall Journal 2021 – Issue no. 32

Title: The Carlos Clay Crockery Company

Los Suelos is a hard place to get away from with your sanity still intact; madness clings like mud around there. But local ceramicist legend Carlos got away somehow. If Bianca can discover how he did it, and where he is, she might be able to escape too- with or without the help of some dangerous new friends.

The Carlos Clay Crockery Company (

Title: A Brief and Hideous Scrawl

The Beastling is feeling a little underappreciated in his artful devouring of city folks, so he takes a refreshing holiday trip to the countryside, and comes face-to-face with far greater evils than himself.

Issue #22 – FIYAH (

Brave New Weird: Best New Weird Horror of 2022 Shortlist Discussion: “Refined, if Gory, Tastes”

Locus Magazine 2022 Recommended Reading List

Title: I Unlock the Cage

A werewolf for a boyfriend? What’s a psychopathic, narcissistic, utterly evil, loving and supportive girlfriend to do?

Author Interview for Hungry Shadow Press

Hungry Shadow Press — Brandon Applegate (

Title: Skyscrapers that Twist to the Sun

Shaundra the machinist must decide if her young daughter has discovered a beautiful, earth-saving new life-form, or the seed of its destruction.

Fantasy Magazine Issue #87

Lucky First (Kwansaba)

Sister wear rice in her coily hair.
Brother tear fresh collard with his hands.
On the porch, old Granpa’s rockin’ chair
Creakin’ as he shell peas into cans.
Pop slow dancin’ Mom cross kitchen tile,
Smokin’ up the oiled cast iron pan-
Won’t be havin’ dinner for a while.

Title: Jar

They say the Jar standing high on the hill above the city, silhouetted against the sky, alone and imposing, is the eternal stomach of the River God of the Valley, who is praised to devour us one by one. But one doesn’t have to be in the Jar for his digestion of your flesh to begin. I knew this—it was in all the teachings—but I didn’t understand until he chose me...”

The Deadlands: Speculative Fiction & Poetry All About Death

Title: Chattycap

It’s a mushroom poem. About a very arrogant mushroom, bragging about its journey from spore to tree-savior. And it’s a lot of fun to read aloud.

Eye to the Telescope- Issue 48

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Zooscape Magazine

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Hungry Shadow Press: Deadly Drabble

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Fabulist Magazine

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